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Centurion was founded in 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland by seasoned trading professionals. We are a physical trader, active in oil products and softs. On oil products, we mainly cover distillates and gasoline blendstocks. On the softs, we trade wheat, corn, barley and other specialty cultures.

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Our people are at the core of our focus. With a solid track record, diversified trading experience, and a strong financial background, we strive to execute all our deals with outmost professionalism.

Since the inception of the company, we put an emphasis on setting up best-practice processes in areas such as risk management, compliance, corporate responsibility and communication. Laying the right foundation, solid, stable and scalable is truly at the base of any success story.

We hedge all our risks, and do not keep any position open unless associated with a physical trade. Amongst these risks are price risk, currency risk and liquidity risk. Most importantly, each of these risks is identified before we commit to a trade and mitigated following strict processes.

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Centurion trades oil products mainly in the EMEA (Mediterranean Sea basin, Northern Europe and the Black Sea), with current expansion plans to West Africa.

Light-ends – gasoline blend stocks are in high demand, as they allow blending operations to obtain qualitative fuels for cars. We match exports with our customers’ needs.

Distillates – diesel, jet and gasoil are at the heart of our trading activity. Various regional, national and international regulations impose strict sourcing and distribution routes, that we optimize for our customers.

  • Product Corn
  • Product Wheat
  • Product barley
    Heavy products
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Agricultural Products

Centurion Group SA focuses on the export activities and international trade of agricultural commodities from the Black Sea region.

We specialize on cargo origination, elevator storage, inland and port logistics as well as shipping and distribution of key agriculture products such as:

  • Product Grains
  • Product Pulses
  • Product Oilseeds

Our origination team, in main grain production areas, works closely with crop producers, bringing added value to the Company’s international soft commodities trading activity.

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